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With each breath

With each breath there is a brief moment of silence. A morning when there is the sound of a baby with green eyes born into a new world. A young mother the age of twenty years old wrapping her arms around her baby boy. Her faith still standing strong extending words of encouragement like be kind to one another to those around her. A heavy load being lifted. The vast wilderness that she has experienced a few times in the past. The song amazing grace that she has song in church as her light shines brightly throughout her heart.

Furthermore, a few tears of abundant joy running down her eyes while displaying an immeasurable love striking deeply into her son the age of six years old. As a result, her head held up high as well as walking tall in the valley as a young man. A young man with a strong craving for a new vision of the dream unfolding for a new day. The purpose of the overcomer who has made it through the raging storm. The old that has been renewed.

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