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Winter Girls 2 (So Long Ana)

She winces

Blinded by starlight

Chipping the polish from her nails

Timing the gaps between car lights

With one foul step she could leave this place

Of scarred up arms and thinning face

The Pressures build

A spinning race

Lone summer nights

Long high school days

Only if they knew

The strange shapes in her view

She might let them read the manuscripts

She writes with trembling wit

When the sun comes down

To cover her like a funeral gown

Where should she go with all of her shame?

Exhausted and defanged

The rats she can't slay or taim

Set up shop inside her brain

Hour after hour

Manipulative rodents say

"Throw it all away"

A winter girl

With frigid ways

No dinner after 6pm

No sugar on her plate

She needs a to hold something

Before her world incinerates

Where can she go

When the fires blare at home?

Back into the cold

Walking quickly down the main road

Timing the gaps between cars

To cease the tick of her wretched heart

Moments hard

Arms scared

From years of self-abuse

Better a foul step

Than an obvious noose

Where can she go

To recover

To be fully filled with hope?

Endless trips down the main strip

Nails digging into her shrinking wrists

Something has got to give


So she gives in

Franticly dials the phone

Nevermind the traffic drone

She doesn’t want to die alone


At her own pathetic hand


This is one life you will not command

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