When Giants Fall (For All Our Brothers)

When giants fall

Who will pick up the pieces?

Along the downtown streets

They'll construct a two-tongued thesis

To misrepresent

With shoddy evidence

Claiming their heaven-sent

But we know they're hell on wheels

Snakes in the brush

Nipping at our heels

When giants fell

I could hardly breathe

Terror filled the heart of me

Who am I to think l'll stand

When only a fraction of the faction

Can play the man?

I'm just a cadet

Cut in half

My whimper out plays my laugh

I just might crack

When giants fell

What ran through your head?

You burned the sheets

Of your hospital bed

Was it the sound of flies

Or the threat of bees

That made you shake the ground

Before you hit your knees?

We'll see

The scourings of a legacy

But all we want to do is kiss your cheek

Love your life

And hear you speak

When giants fall

We hang our heads at half-mass

Our faces pressed against the glass

Tin cans and sewing string

Are strung above to bring

A message from the blue deep

Maybe now I can get to sleep

With the rooks and sheep

Scattered in the pasture

Raise a glass for the comrades

Weeping on the floor

Drunk in the grass

When giants fell

I heard your ghastly voice

As I played back that message

Tinged with shame and tavern noise

You were my captain

I your first mate

When the Bismarck took on water

You failed to evacuate

No lifeboats were launched

No maydays were made

Will you rest in peace

When you reach your resting place?


I pray

You'll wade through the salt

And the waves

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