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Let us take our minds on a stroll

To the times we first began to tuck and roll

Our motor coordination skill then began to go under our control

Then we decided to stand up - the joy on their faces indeed made us whole

Then comes the arms stretched out and the distance wide

The smile comforting; encouraging us to stride

First step, I wobble. Just like my choices I wasn't sure I'll decide

Second step, I don't fumble. The goal ahead then gives me pride

Next step, I stumble. Weeping seems to seep up and the eyes wish to cry.

But my goals look down at me

Get up! Stand up! Come on; it's your own right!

Muscles get back in the hustle, discouragement tries to bite

"You can't make it; no you won't get it right."

"You won't be accepted, you can't be loved. You won't make it someday, you won't make it up above."

But yet I keep moving

My goal hidden in plain sight

God bless my struggle

Walking alone in Gotham on this dark night

Walking, striding, sweating, panting

Stumbling, standing, following hard after, advancing

Remembering and imagining my first steps

Motivating me to take the next

Holding my hand, going forward

Let my next step be the best.


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