Victory is Here

This is war

If we lose we press on

Through the merciless mire

Of friends too soon gone

Dawn breaks

On these tattered fields

Onslaughts senselessly rage

But can't crush the hope we wield

New strength is here

Faith holds up the rear

We stand by grace indestructible

And love irresistibly clear

Through all this combat

The saints persevere

Flaming darts will not penetrate

Let the mercenaries sneer

Our King leads the campaign

On a spotless white horse

Shaping the continents

With a double-edged sword

Victory is near

The enemy retreats and runs

Arise! Shine!

We're destined to overcome





Empty your sheath

The Word of God gains ground upon ground

Until the era's complete

Hold the front lines

With radiant face

As the nations surrender

And pay homage to God's grace

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