A vessel of honor,

Lord, I want to be.

From bondage and weakness,

I long to be free!

My eyes on your face,

looking only to you

Please let me see,

just what is true!

As I worship in Spirit,

let Your Spirit flow,

as rivers of water,

from mountains of snow!

To cool and refresh,

the weary one's thirst,

May l, in all things.

let others be first!

Full of love . . .

You alone give.

bring life to others

to abundantly live!

Let me speak Your words,

whether they are kind or Stern.

Let me always be ready,

to help others learn!

A compassionate hand,

may I always reach fourth.

May Your message be sent to

East, West, South and North!

May I In the spirit,

pray the prayers, You pray.

May I always follow

when You lead the way!

My eyes are gazing

toward clouds in the sky,

to see when King Jesus,

will be drawing nigh !

Oh glorious life we will have

When we get to our Holy home,

both then and now,

before the Throne!

Eternity starts now,

though we have pain on earth!

We are here for now,

to help bring God's kids to birth!

Peggy Woody

Copyright.©, 5/6/1991


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