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Trail of Trials

Dust clouds blocking out the way to a better choice

Gets in your mouth, so thirsty; constricts the voice

Stealing energy needed to find the road less traveled

Prevents the healing of a young life that has unraveled

Fighting the desire, yet, still breathing it in deeply

Visions of overcoming, yet efforts are applied meekly

Conscience unclean from life highways; dirt covered

So hard to breathe, left gasping, and feeling smothered

Not wanting judgment, seeking care, to find a solution

Someone who will hold you up without persecution

A lifelong friend who will forgive; a forever savior

One whose love is constant, regardless of behavior

Overcoming burdens, such a challenge when all alone

Help is needed to cleanse the grime, a new path to atone

Staying on a treacherous route can leave your fate frozen

Let Jesus lead you off the trail of trials you have chosen

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