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........till we meet again.

Oh lord

God of mystery, God of Love, hear my prayer.

As I release the ashes of my Mum and Dad, I whisper my goodbyes,

Please, reach your hands out to receive them unto you

Tell them that I love them, Lord, and will do, until I die

They may be gone but will forever in my heart reside.

Watching as the wind picks them up swirling them around

Off into the sunshine, free as the birds.

With tears falling down my face

I gaze towards the heavens and imagine their joy of being united again.

Please, Lord, grant them peace

May they enter your golden kingdom to find loved ones with outstretched arms

Welcoming them home.

I will miss them with all my heart forevermore, ‘til we meet again.

By the grace of God, Great Spirit.

Lord of all.


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