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This Truth

Since time began, people have hated, feared, fought,

and denied what they do not understand.

Afraid to receive the hope revealed; the Spirit, Jesus,

the love of God, and the purpose of man.

Covering their ears and eyes from the Word, truth, and

stifling the happiness, one could find.

So, He created a desire in our souls to run into the light,

away from the darkness that blinds.

Awake and find this truth placed deep within a heart,

the child He chose before it was born.

His Son patiently waits on belief, to forgive sins forever;

washing a body wretched and forlorn.

Destiny awaits, a path to choose, to follow obediently,

the Father’s will and way.

His reward; endless days in Heaven, with Christ by our side,

to worship and eternally pray.

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