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the trial

through gates of pearl, satan peered.

God's glory burned his eyes.

i'll take what You have, i'll find a way.

to this day, You've not broken my pride.

Father laughed with great amusement,

repulsively mocking his sinful words.

you tried before, it caused your fall

against Me, your attempts are absurd.

oh there is something i can take,

just simply give me a try.

there is something i can take

that will make You weep and cry.

how about the one, You call beloved?

the one that gave her life to You?

the one of who You are so protective?

the one who committed to be true?

i can make her look away.

i can get her to move afar.

i can make her run astray

and not care that God You are.

Father thought about His dear child.

how once she was so full of dread.

how once she was so lost in the world.

how His Son raised her from the dead.

My child is in the world, not of it.

who she is, from this you will see.

she knows how you had treated her.

she will remain focused on only Me.

so satan began to woo her,

whispering thoughts within her head.

carefully placing things in her path,

reminiscent of the days she was dead.

than unexpectedly to satan,

she looked him in the eye.

swung at him with both fists,

shouting, don't you even try.

i am a child of God Almighty,

and to His Son you will bow

He has filled me with His Spirit

and with His Power i am endowed.

i am equipped to fight this battle.

by no means am i afraid of you.

in the Name of Jesus, the Name above all

get away from me, you are through.

i cover my self with the Blood of the Lamb

a covering you are forbidden to cross.

here beneath It i am strong and safe.

consider this battle your loss.

and as the angels stood and smiled

Father watched with a grin.

as He had said, she passed the trial.

as He had said, she belongs to Him.

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