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The Right Things

Parents only wanted what they knew would be the very best

Dreams for their children to be so much better than their own

For them to be happier, more fulfilled, and have a life that is blessed

Hoping love and goodness would blossom from what was shown

To teach the right things and see them live out what they were taught

Yet, to see them struggle with burdens and then watch them stumble

Good works were not enough, and spiritual lessons were not always sought

Could the teachers’ flaws have caused some of their pieces to crumble

Hoping they would only see all the shiny parts and not the tarnish

That the light of moral ways would illuminate the road to a bright future

But everyone possesses some imperfections in need of a new varnish

That can only be washed clean with the Son’s forgiveness and nurture

Failure to share the Word, the lamp for their feet and light of life

A key to why they might not know it has to be God’s will and His way

The only certainty is to find forgiveness in a world where sins are rife

So graciously provided to anyone that asks Him in their heart to stay

Strength can be found in the Lord to overcome trials and transgressions

Ultimately a child’s life is not for Mom and Dad to choose or decide

True destiny begins with belief, prayer, and heartfelt confessions

A narrow path is always there if they choose to walk by His side

With age comes wisdom, but never as wise as seen through God’s eyes

Look through His and be blinded by the light that will set paths straight

Feel the power of a new Spirit that will guide your life to heavenly skies

Remain faithful, follow Jesus, and your one true Father; His truth awaits

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