The Purge

When the purging begins it’s not easy.

No, It’s not easy to look in the mirror, and realize, we are not who we proclaim to be, and when that day comes, and God steps in to start that purging process, it hurts, and it’s very uncomfortable.

When it begins, we will come face to face with the truth about ourselves.

Who we really are.

The integrity we possess.

The unconditional love we show towards others.

Our selfish pride.

Our Stiff neck-ness.

Our Rebellion.

and even our prejudices.

Whether we want to admit or not, we all have faced many of the character defects listed above. It doesn’t matter if we’re black, white, red, or yellow. We all have some pride, stiff neck-ness, rebellions, and prejudices.

It would be nice to think that we as believers in Christ have always been on the up and up. That, we’ve always loved our neighbor; that person of a different race, that person that doesn’t have the material possessions that we’ve acquired, that family member that we’ve held a grudge with for over 20 years.

But, if we were perfect and didn’t have any character defects, God wouldn’t need to purge us of all the iniquities, sins, and vices we as humans are guilty of.

Yes, we must be purged!

God is Holy, and He cannot leave us in such a dire condition. God desires for His children to be like Christ. In the way we think, talk, walk, and how we feel about one another.

Honestly, we have fallacies.

Fallacies that we conjured up in our hearts and minds, thinking and believing we’re right and justified. We’ve formed Clichés, we hang around and follow people who justify our thoughts and behaviors, and use certain scriptures (out of context) to try and win ungodly sensual arguments that amount to nothing other than, discord, contention, impious shame, and guilt.

We must be purged.

The day when we honestly look ourselves in the mirror, do and thorough moral inventory of who God truly wants us to be – the purge will begin. And, we will come out looking and feeling like a new creation in Christ. One who has truly given up EVERYTHING for the love of Christ, for the great commission, for the example to the unsaved.

Then, when we profess, Not I, but, Christ who lives in me, the hope of glory, we will gleam like the morning dew. Holiness will be our clothing; Holiness will be our accord!

Blessings to all, Stay Encourage, and Keep Shining for Jesus!

The Purge

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