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I hold in my left hand this small piece of bread

Remembering what was done to Your body, was meant for me instead

Nails in your hands and feet, flesh ripped from Your back

For 3 hours after Your death, the sky in the land turned black

I'm partaking in the Lord's Supper until He comes back in the clouds

My faith is growing stronger as I believe right now

Celebrating Your death there on Mount Calvary

I'm so grateful to You Jesus, for saving me

I hold in my right hand this cup of juice made from grapes

Remembering your sweat made of blood that fell from Your face

The crown of thorns that they drove into Your head

The spear that pierced Your side to prove that You were dead

Poem/Lyrics written by:

Mrs. Marie Harker 8/9//20

Published 8/9/20

All photos I use with my written work that do not have my name on them are from stock photos with no copyright and no photographer's name so no photo credit can be given.

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