The Faith That Makes Us One

The Faith That Makes Us One

If seeing is believing...we'd all be one at heart. The challenge is the unseen...which keeps us miles apart. We stop and look around us, and see the need at hand We think we have the answer, before the flame is fanned.

But, what we must remember, is what we cannot see It's not in what we think or feel, it's what is meant to be. "And what is that?" We want to know. "What is that?" We cry. The One who has the answer, is the One who must reply.

It's not in earthly wisdom, it's not in methods past, It's not in temporal changes, for you see they do not last. There is a Master Plan in place, it can’t and will not change It goes against the ways of man, no one can rearrange.

So, if you have a yearning, a heart, and a desire It's best you do not tarry, before the coming fire. There is a way, a truth, a life with power to endure The trouble that's upon this earth, of which there is no cure.

The Plan is not to fix or patch, the Plan is to redeem The hearts of those who have no hope, the ones who only dream. And as for those who squandered and misused the gift of grace, The plan is to redeem the time and give it no more place.

So, for us to be united in thought, and word, and deed We must allow the gift of faith to settle every need. Faith in God the Father, Faith in Christ the Son Faith in the Holy Spirit, that's the faith that makes us one.

To God Be the Glory Barbara Ann Price

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