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The Encounter

How wonderful is the tent of meeting

I run to patiently wait for my beloved King.

How beautiful is the promise of His renewal,

Awakened, and praises rise within as I rest in His revival.

God is here! His presence leads me beside the still waters,

Enveloped in an encounter, where no one or nothing else matters.

In this habitation a sense of calm overwhelms, as a quieted soul rests in ponder,

On a peace drawn once more from the deep wells of surrender.

Hidden treasures emanate from the secret place of the Most High

Explored daily in His word and truth as I deeply dive.

             Oh how my will is subdued and my desire is fuelled to seek Him with

all my strength and with all my heart.

Guided by His Spirit, shielded by His love, I am wrapped in His mercies so tender.

God's awesome power and mighty acts,

are all mine to revere forever!

Afua Richardson-Parry 15/02/2024 

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Shira Garnett
Shira Garnett

This piece brings out that overwhelming desire for us, His children, to forever know we are the love of God's own heart. Intimate, gracefully, assuring. Thank you for sharing this, @Afua Richardson-Parry

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