The Believer's Authority -Prayer(2)

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Sacrifice nothing, except a broken and a contrite heart

For this the Almighty will not despise

Draw close to your maker and He will draw close

Agonise and prophesy,

that the dry bones may receive life!

For God is speaking,

Wait and prepare for Him to move

Groan in your spirit, as if drops of blood pours

from your anguish, out of the dryness and bareness

God will arise, His Holy Spirit in you joins you with

groaning through words that cannot be uttered

And as if saying nothing at all

your heart fills as your mouth moves but no speech can be heard

Cry out in fervency to avail the presence of God

Labour, birth through,

Gather, fast, weep, mourn

For as we ask, He will answer,

Ask, ask for New wine and oil

Marvellous things!

He will pour out his Spirit

A revival, a move of God!

Pray, pray in fervency with all you are

To give life to what he has revealed in prophesy

Press through, into the courts of the Lord,

So he may impart and bring his purposes to pass;

...the love of God, His Word, His righteousness and of is Spirit,

Truth and His glorious gospel!

Give glory and reverence unto Him who sits high above it all,

A place where no flesh can ever glory

And it shall come to pass, in these last days

the mountain of the Lord's house

established atop the hills,

where all from every tongue and tribe will flow and gather

And the King of glory will tabernacle and be exalted in our praises forever!

Inspired by Psalm 51:16, Romans 8:26, Luke 22:44, Ezekiel 37:4, Joel 2:28, Isaiah 2

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