The Believer's Authority-Prayer(1)

Beloved, we have free and unlimited access to God the Father, through the Holy Spirit, our helper. As we talk to God, we are assured that whatever we ask, in Jesus' name, God will do so that he receives the glory and honour that is due unto his name. Not forgetting the joy that fills our hearts when in His perfect will and time our prayers are answered!

We know that through prayer, the impossible becomes possible, as the kingdom of God is realised in our lives and as others are greatly impacted.

Our relationship with God lives and is sustained through our communion with him through prayer! Daily intimacy with him through his word allows us to surrender to his will in our prayer life. Here in his presence, we enter into the treasures of the kingdom, through the enabling of the Holy Spirit. For Jesus said;

"He who believes in me, greater works will he do, because I go to the Father". Through prayer, the miraculous of God and the advance of his kingdom purposes flourish. For surely, He who has promised is able to perform!

Be encouraged!

Scriptural reference: John 14:12-16

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