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The Believer's Authority (7) - Thankfulness

I bring an offering to the Most High

With my heart full of thanks,

I sing praises to His name

declaring His loving-kindness in the morning;

and His faithfulness every night.

I lift my voice to Yahweh, The Great I AM!

Hallelujah! Hosanna in the highest!

Shouts of joy, clapping hands form the instruments

in this joyful sound to the King.

Triumphant in His presence;

Like one with a lyre and harp

I‘m in awe of His miraculous acts.

Of His mercy and His grace,

l am grateful and forever humbled.

For He has made me glad, He is mine and I am His

For His mighty deeds towards us.

My mouth abounds with His testimonies,

as I remember His promises, spoken over us.

Fulfilling His will and bringing glory to His name,

I am so thankful; I stand eternally thankful

to my heavenly Father for His unfailing love over us.

Inspired by Exodus 3, Psalm 92, 119:49-64

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