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The Art of Delivery

Pushing as hard as you can Trying to birth out something different from what was planned Hoping to bring light from your darkness but it ain't Genesis 1 Being bad like Michael Jackson was the only perfect thriller you've ever done. Indeed there's nothing new under this sun Major key alert: comes just in different packages and we're just another one. Many see the IG versions of our lives Failing to see the loss of colour from bleeding beneath - wounds from many knives. Mirror on the wall, on which pills and potions today do I fall? Attention, ambition, sex, being gay? Or needles and blackjacks as well as images that get me to play? Trying to get a message across but many failing to capture what there is to say Battlefield in the mind - calls to the dirty duty kept stripping you of that medal of honour. Dancing to the tune of bondage to control a bachelor Test drives leading to sex drives being uploaded unto flash drives - cravings up a degree becomes one's master. No need to concur how you would conquer the heart as you managed to conjure from those sets of contours Encore! Encore! The desires seemed to ovate within again and again Devils and demons making a show out of you going insane From tired routines and empty relief. It may not be your narrative but y'all can relate These cycles of our species - no longer a need to debate. Here we are in Hell's kitchen yearning to eat off from all on our plate. Therefore allow me as you stir mental ingredients to introduce the Master Chef - God's Word with the power to create. Omelettes can't be made from eggs unbroken So He offered Himself to be broken, as a sacrificial token for then all is done and all is spoken... See, the pain of delivery precedes the joy of conception. So, abort that misconception of God completely you rejecting He came in swaddling clothes so forever you would be in His crib. It's because of you that there's an empty cross which hosted the Risen King, branded with scars and pierced ribs ©BrothermanKNAN.....🖋

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