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Thank You For Coming.

Thank You for coming

To this little corner of planet Earth.

Exactly to Bethlehem

A Holy Presence beyond the towns worth.

We stand all around with all sorts of visitors

Looking down, dumbfounded

Into the manger.

Thank You for coming

Even though it is the middle of the night.

When there is no hospitality

Everywhere full to capacity.

An outsider while in Your mothers womb

In a cave shared with cows, donkeys, goats and sheep

All settled down ready to go to sleep.

Thank You for coming

Even though the only thing we had to put You in

Was a crib

A place out of danger.

Worshipped and loved by travellers and strangers

Under the star shining down upon the Light of the World

Giving hope, joy, peace and love to everyone for evermore.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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