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Taming the Giants

Like a wild fire spreading through the land the giants of pornography is

relentless. A worldly element of impurity that is in a tall man who is

broken in spirit.

The compromise of a heart that is fading out into the Pacific ocean.

The need to be resolved by the renewing of the mind daily. The giants

of defeat who is coming straight at you as the spirit of courage

rises up in your spirit.

The home front where the giants oppose your sense of morality.

Your sense of morality where integrity has a fighting chance to shine

through in the dark void.

Abundant grace as you face the loss of a best friend to suicide who

you knew for a few years. Mountains of opposition like tyranny,

wickedness, and corruption to rise above.

The giants to be tamed so that victory is gained. The giants surrounded

by forces that besiege them. Lastly the elements of honor, loyalty, meekness,

and perseverance intertwined with each other.

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