Taking the Plunge..

This is my first post and so I may be taking a risk as I'm writing it without a draft. Hopefully, it will be one worth reading. I'll admit I'm a newbie at blogging. Because I'm a poet and writer, I'm willing to try this way of expression. I like to think that God wants us to grow, take risks and venture in new territory as long as it doesn't lead to sin and does not harm us. Even though we might not have a rough draft on paper, we can still produce a masterpiece or something close as we hold to follow our instincts we've learned from the Bible. That's what makes taking the plunge worthwhile.

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Christian Poets and Writers discuss ways to build up the church Body of Christ, inspire, strengthen faith, and improve writing in all genres. May God guide our prayers and words of forgiveness, love, and unity in Jesus' Name.

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