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Struggling with Him

a snippet from "Struggling with Him", a confessional poem about a woman or man who heard about Jesus through some friends who invited her/him to church, but he/she didn't quite "find-receive Him" at least the first time around. As a pastor, I see this often. A seed is sown, but it doesn't take root yet in the soil due to personal sin & struggles still holding on to the person "checking out" the Jesus he/she heard about.

Struggling with Him

Looking for love in all the wrong places, though knowing

well will still have to face Him, we bury true friend so we

could replace Him, with a Jesus we never knew.

All aboard rail, we act like caboose, forgetting the Judas

who hung on a noose, we climb aboard ship without

seasoned goose, and head on a stormy course.

Our pride fails to ask a pastor or guide, instead we wail jail

after we hide, the choices pre-made despite the Most High,

able to see all we do.

We relegate low most important debate, to a friend we

know as a twin reprobate; instead we tend to a wrong

master’s bait, and end up playing the fool.

...more to come

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