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Streets of Gold

If I could walk on those streets of gold, how wonderful it would be. With my family, friends, and the patriarchs all gathered there with me. There would be no more trials and no more cares, where nothing could get me down. I would rejoice in the presence of my Lord and Savior, up there on Holy ground. I may shed tears of joy in heaven its true, yet no sadness will spoil my day. My God will draw me close to Him and wipe those tears away. Now I think about my Lord all the time, as I await His soon return. With this life so full of difficulties, yet wanting to stay is not my concern. Still when I walk on the streets of glory, and my tears drip to the ground, I will lift my eyes to the God of all, who will keep me safe and sound. Now He may turn and see me weeping, yet I know He will understand. The only reason I will be here at all is seated at His right hand. Yes one day it will be my turn to walk on heavens shore. I will finally be there with Jesus, alive forever more.

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