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Strange World

What a strange, strange world

we live in today.

The pandemic killing many,

taking loved ones away!

People kept in place.

No travel to be made.

No rest for the weary,

not even in the shade!

Doctors, nurses and those who care,

always on their feet,

unable to even catch a rest,

everyone is beat!

Doctors making choices,

which ones to save today!

Dutifully caring for many,

while others slip away!

How do they make the choices?

First come, first ones saved,

Ventilators running out,

In unusual factories they are made!

Many watched in awe,

as the ship cruised into view.

The hospital ship called Mercy,

came to see what they could do

Fire trucks and police,

what racket they will raise,

yet joyous honking and sirens,

greet Front Liners with their praise!!

Cities in deep silence,

no one to make a sound.

Just listen to shouts and praise,

from windows all around!

People banging pots and pans,

making rackets loud,

thanking those on front lines,

for caring for our crowds!

We saw in absolute awe,

As a ship of a huge scope,

Sailed into the harbour,

bringing with her, hope!

People getting anxious,

sneaking out to look,

social distance still in place,

following rules of the rule book!

Swimming pools and watering holes

attract us every day,

but are we taking chances

of killing loved ones in any way?

Grandmas and grandchildren,

unable to see all the ones they want

wearing plastic costumes,

for their first hugs in months!

Many jumped the gun,

gathering together anyway.

They were shamed and talked about,

because they wanted to play!

Some gathered to praise our God,

joyous voices sing!

Knowing not the chances they took,

or the covid they could bring!

Deprived of some sports games,

even parades and Disney Land!

Now war within our government

is getting out of hand!

Riots and protests,

are on the rise again.

If they defund police,

None of us can win!

It's time to put our trust

in the One who can make a change.

Trust Him that whatever negative,

He can rearrange!

Lean on Him when you are afraid.

Trust Him to carry you.

He is the only one that can,

this strange world, subdue!

Peggy Jeanine Woody


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