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Storms of Life

Oh, waves which roll up on the shore,

Oh, winds of constant blowing;

The sound of nature in my ear

Reminds me You're all knowing.

Oh, God in heaven where you dwell

I know that you still reign.

Your glory found in all that's Yours

On earth, both sea and plain.

Waters 'round us here are measured,

Held firm within Your hand.

And when I pause to picture this

It's hard to understand.

As storms of life or'take me

Then I can ask for peace.

As You say to them "Be still"

So too, my strivings cease.

The waters still beneath Your feet

You walk on them with ease.

Beckoning me to walk with You

And it's You I want to please.

I thank you God, for all You've done,

The storms You've brought me through.

May I always hold to Your dear hand

And my footsteps be with You.

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