The sky was a red stripe with the setting of the sun

With my immobility I was beginning to be overcome.

I was sitting there breathing the cold January air

When I saw an ecstatic form moving from tree to tree

Bounding, bouncing, balancing between branches

Overhanging, entangled, mangled from the storms.

The renegade became free from gravity

His graceful, grey, genetic energy

That was evident from tail tip to nose

Exposed the narrow margin from morbidity to mortality

The squirrel's synergy to my lack of energy

I tied to the drip, the squirrel does acrobatic flips.

I want to thank God

For sending this squirrel to bolster me

He released me from my spiritual slavery to apathy

With all that peculiarity and tenacity

Moving as liquid life from tree to tree

Gods sends His affirmation to me

That all will be right

Beyond the dark soul of the night.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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