Years ago I met a man with an unusual necklace. It was a piece of ordinary twine, like the kind for wrapping postal packages. On the end was a small, white plastic spoon. A hole was inserted at the end of the handle, causing it to hang upside down. As I was talking to him, my eyes kept diverting down as my brain tried to formulate what message that simple utensil could possibly convey.

Finally, my curiosity got the better of me and I asked what significance it played in the man’s life. The man smiled a toothy grin as if I just asked the most profound question in the whole of creation!

“It reminds me to be a Christian!,” he proclaimed.

“How?,” I asked after a pause that I could tell was his set up for one of his favorite things to say.

“Because,” he yelled enthusiastically, “knives cut and forks stab but spoons serve!”

How are you serving in the kingdom of God?

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