Luke and Matthew tell us the stories of these encounters. One group was not aware and one group was. One had no clue of what God was doing among them, the other did. One was not seeking, one was. But both were about to have an encounter that would forever change their lives. It is much like us today. We know of those who seek God from childhood while others it comes upon them suddenly.

But one thing they have in common, they both have had encounters. As the Shepherds and Wise Men of old may you too have an encounter during this time of celebration that will forever change your life. If you are unaware may He be made known to you. If you are seeking may you find Him. It is in the encounter that we are changed.

Hope is renewed and faith strengthened. Where there was loneliness comes companionship, where there was no direction comes purpose. He is the babe in the manger, the child in the Temple, the healer in the streets, the prophet on the hillside, the Savior on the cross and now the Presence in the believer. Seek and you shall find.

Merry Christmas, Michael

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