Seeing through the fog

The sky has a few gray clouds.

There is a few sparrows flying around in the sky.

She is fallen on hard times as her heart slowly fades out into the ocean.

She has been told that she is worthless by her earthly father who

abandoned her. She has many questions left unresolved. Her faith that

appears to be slipping away little by little. The road of addiction to illegal

drugs that has a strong hold over her life. Her own identity lost many years

ago. The rocky road that she is yet to recover from. The God of the

impossible making it all the more possible to take courage.

The breeze in the sky is a light one.

There is a few blue jays flying over a lake elsewhere.

She is running out of time due to the cancer that spread throughout her

body. She is struggling to find a Love greater than what she has seen in

her own earthly father. Her own earthly father with a dark past. The

ongoing struggle to hold her head up high making it harder to see

through the fog. The question of what if this cancer never came upon me?

The question of where is my place in the kingdom of heaven that is going

through her mind?

The question of how am I going to find a safe haven to run to as a refuge?

The safe haven where she is able to embrace a clear and sound

mind lifting up her spirits to a higher place. A higher place like the

yonder mountains created by God's hands where the eagles soar that

she has never experienced. The splendid attribute of harmony rising

up as she comes out of the fog. The God of the impossible who keeps

the path bright and straight. The almighty supreme God who sustains

her throughout the course of the day.


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