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Can they be revived, hearts cold and arrested

Hardened by hate of all others, they so detested

Self-focused, selfish, and self-inflicted

Without remorse, its futile course unrestricted

Perpetuated by unsocial media meddlers

Fueling the masses, the cultural war-boot peddlers

Some hiding in the name of religious freedom

But taking God out of everything, we don’t need Him

Raise-up immorality, riots, and persecute all races

Spaces remain safe if you don’t look at their faces

No longer one nation under God, a political war

In God we trust, a phrase the social police deplore

God must be growing so tired of all the civil unrest

Violent fighting trying to prove whose side is best

An end will come, words that one day, will be heeded

Restore faith and belief; a revival is what is needed

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