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Revelation to John

Mysterious is the working of the Trinitarian Godhead, unattainable knowledge still waiting to be found by many, though some partially known, only understood by means of the Spirit of Truth, though we might think that heaven’s angels could, since they stood around the throne worshiping even the hood of the Father’s robe during the beginning. Such a position and so much attention to majesty that one would assume the hidden was shown to those beings that had flown before man was even born, made lower just for a while.

For it was with a smile the God had sown His light on man so that he could also stand where angels feared to tread, and crowned Him with glory and honor, after the youngest learning laid his head on the breastplate of righteousness still yearning to be wed to its bride. A dress was supplied, colored in brightest whiteness not seen this side of heaven except on the Mount of Transfiguration, a vision of things to come, of the marriage of the Lamb when all is made one with God the Father.

Eyes ablaze with love even before they would be seen in revelation on an island, still caught in between on the Lord’s Day, in more than a dream and no longer a child, John would arise after though first dead in fear of the scene of the Head to the feet, but a touch from the hand of the right Man would allay the white heat, so John could write of all he had seen now above. But that is where His birth came from, the begotten First and the Last, and even the one who was cast as the disciple of love.

The Mystery Begotten had not forgotten anyone the Father had chosen as His son, whether the first to be called Beloved or His daughters who fought the prayer wars old men then downtrodden might not even remember. For the bride was composed of once dead bones and flesh brought together, newly created by the will of the God opposed to an eternal decay of corruption, and so His love erupted even up from the fiery furnaces of hell in order to completely tell the depths of the wondrous story.

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