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Putting On Jesus

What is this? To put on Christ...

We all can search the scriptures for the same "pat" answers. Defining Jesus by who He says he is, then understanding the definition and then incorporating our personal experience with the original language text, might scratch the surface of "Putting On Christ". We must not only answer the question of who is Jesus, but we must put into an understanding of who He is to us. Here is a question to ponder. "Is the 'whole armor of God', Jesus"? By defining who Jesus is to me, I can answer that question. Ask yourself, is Jesus truth? Is he righteousness? Is he salvation? Is he peace? Is Jesus actually faith? (Substance of what is hoped for evidence of what is not seen). Is Jesus the "WORD"? Live and walk in the light. Clothe yourself with light. Is Jesus light? To actually put on Christ is both an impossible task and a simple one. Are you religious and/or traditional? Are you living with and in faith?


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