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Piercing the darkness

How many times does love burst forth no matter what may come our way? The opportunity to pierce the darkness one more time in the face of adversity. The foe defeated upon his own territory. A king who used to be wise and humble. A king stripped of his position. The mentality of a beast in the wilderness that he has become. The wonderful opportunity to pierce the the darkness.

The giants in the land mocking the small size of a simple shepherd boy with a sling and small rock. These two things that he uses to strike the giant down. A small boy who becomes a king when he got older. The discernment that he displays a time or two. The solid faith in God that sustains him. The Love that he has that bursts forth for his brothers despite their faults.

Therefore, our own carnal nature that tends to hold onto grudges for too long. Our eyes that become blind to the needs of the less unfortunate. The strongholds to be broken down so that victory is established. The masterpiece that he is making out of us day by day. So let us be grateful and stand tall in our convictions! We are his sons and daughters in the kingdom of God.

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