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I see your smile,

I hear you laugh,

I feel your love

In the breeze that just passed!

I know you are here

I know you are free,

Not bound to that wheelchair,

Nor your hands and knee!

God spoke to me,

And shared how you are,

You're perfect now

With not even one scar!

You are whole,

No longer in dread

No need for legs,

You are flying, instead!

I sense much joy,

Where pain used to be,

I hear your laughter,

Blow through the trees!

I was so angry

when you first left,

I needed shelter

In God's cleft

I asked God

To tell me why,

He took you home

To your home in the sky!

Said He, to me.

I loved him complete

No need for his wheelchair,

He soars in relief!

Shawn, wait patiently,

For us to come,

And be with you,

And God's holy Son

I can just see you,

Flitting around,

You are so free,

No longer earthbound!

Oh what a blessing

It had to be

That day you woke up,

In Heaven, so free!

I almost hear,

The shout of your voice,

As you entered Heaven,

And began to rejoice!

One day I heard,

Your "CACKLING" laugh,

As I thought of humor

You had in the past!

Wherever I went,

I felt you near

God convinced me

There was no need to fear!

I'm so happy

No more phantom pain

You had enough,

In this life, what a shame!

Oh how I love you,

We now wait alone

To be with you, again

When God calls us home!

Peggy Jeanine Woody

May 28, 2019

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