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Overcomer's Fire

Shes's been going down the same road wondering if there is a God who cares about her well being. A God who will put the pieces that have been shattered back together lifting her spirits up higher one more time. A few mountains's that seem impossible to climb over at the time. The course of her life that has spun out of control for a while.

The giants of defeat and adversity in the land mocking her unrelentlessly. They tell her that she is too far gone for anybody to save her. They tell her that she is insignificant. They tell her to give up because there is no purpose for her life. They remind of all the times she has fallen down as the fire burns out. They remind her of all the times that she felt like a disappointment to her parents barely holding on.

She is feeling the weight of heavy baggage that she is unable to resolve at this time. Her world crashing apart around her wondering when will there be freedom for me? When will I have a overcomer's fire to stand tall? When will my heart feel Love shining through the darkness? The will to fight the good fight that sh e is yet to embrace. Countless strong currents that she is yet to overcome.

A deep pitfall or two of despair that she is tripped up by as she struggles to get out of it so that she can see the light of day.

The stronghold of shame that she had for a while. An ongoing struggle that she is yet to be resolved so that there is no room for doubt of how great and mighty God is. The mindset of an overcomer that she is yet to fully embrace so that there are no traces of doubt, bitterness, rage, and fear. The words fear is a lier from a christian song on the radio. The power of Love and a sound mind flowing in the great adventure.

Therefore, the amazing great adventure that she comes to fully embrace as she takes on the wonderful spirit of the overcomer's fire set in motion now and forevermore with both eyes open and both feet set in motion. The solid determination of the good fight that she put s into action. A new creation in the eyes of God the father and creator of the universe who is wise and infinite.

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