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Face always in a mirror, searching for something not quite sure what or where

Some wandering, without purpose, some laser-focused, but lost nevertheless

In a mindless fog, caught up in the masses, a world of to do’s

Too busy to accomplish anything and nothing worthwhile or meaningful

So many are seeking fortune, pining for power, control, and notoriety

Tolerance now a religion, placed above all spiritual beliefs and what is known to be right

Discussing ourselves is a technology, self-centeredness a science, and ego an art

Character developed and defined by movie stars, reality shows, and athletes

Personal communication now a social media frenzy for everyone to see

Relationships are formed and evolve by electronics, emoji’s and tweets

Christian values and morals hold no truth and are no longer needed or wanted

Faith is just a girl’s name, God is just part of a curse word and prayer is not allowed

The needs of so many go unrecognized and people all around are hurting

Drugs, suicides, and shootings more efficacious than the gospel for so many lost souls

Blinded, misguided, confused and sadly oblivious to the attitude of Jesus

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