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Nana's Chair

She would stay up late reading her bible, into the early morning light. Then start each new day praying that her children would be safe that night. She would lift their names before the Lord and pray for their salvation too. They would hear her praying often, for this she would always do. Well Nana has gotten older and the years have taken its toll. However, no matter if Nana could barely see to God’s word she would always go. Time has gone by and she has passed away, but her bible still sits by her chair. Even though her children are grown and married, her memory still lingers there. Many children were lifted to God, by Nana’s that trusted his word. They would pray for those that they loved so much, never quitting until their prayers were heard. These prayer warriors would stay in the shadows many sleepless nights untold. They were lifting their loved ones up to God, a treasure more costly then gold. Now they leave their legacy, all these champions of the Lord. They have stormed the airwaves of heaven, as they carried God’s eternal sword. Still somewhere in their family, another one now takes their place. Someone who was brought before the Lord, to received His saving grace. They will pray for all their children, while placing them in God’s care; continuing to pray into the early morning, while sitting in Nana's chair. Thinking back to many years ago when God’s Spirit kept Nana strong, where her faith was seen in every trial and practiced all week long. Though Nana is now with Jesus, her faith is always there. For every one who remembers Nana can see the bible by her chair. Please pray for your children’s children, and lift them to the Lord. Always remember to read God’s word, that all eternal sword. Pray for their salvation, while lifting each name with care. Then one day you may be the one, to sit in Nana's chair.

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