Naked on the Altar

Created in the garden

Man and woman there were made

All food save one was theirs to eat.

Their freedom they betrayed.

Realizing they were naked,

The couple hid in shame

They were no longer innocent

And they began to blame.

Excuses they were making

For why they disobeyed;

God sacrificed a lamb for them

To cover sin that day

Later in God’s story

A righteous man was found

A promise that his seed would spread

And o’r the world abound

The father of the faithful bore

A son from up above.

A gift that was beyond compare

He showered him with love.

Then Yahweh spoke commanding him

To test this old man’s faith

And offer up his only son

His sacrifice to make.

The father took his gift from God

Received when he was old,

Along with wood to start a fire

He did as he was told.

The boy who walked beside him

Questioned him that day;

Where is the lamb for sacrifice?

What could his father say?

Again, as God has always done

He gave a substitute.

A ram caught in the bushes

The child was then removed.

As prophets were enabled

To speak the words of God

One spoke of yet another Lamb

Who on this earth would trod.

He would not be a handsome sheep,

His appearance not stand out.

People’s gaze would not be on Him

As He traveled all about.

This sheep was born in Bethlehem

Unrecognized by most

The Lamb of God had come to earth

Of Him God loved to boast!

They brought Him to the highest court

The rulers there declared

This Man has blasphemed God Himself

The apostles then were scared.

As they mocked and beat Him in the courts

He did not say a word

The Lamb was led to slaughter

As soldiers held their swords.

Upon a tree they hung Him

His nakedness displayed

God did not spare His only Son

But let Him die that day!

His blood spilled down upon the cross

On the altar He lay splayed

His life for mine was given

He forgave me there that day.

Oh, Lamb of God, my Savior

Death could have been the end

In those three days my life was changed

When You rose to life again.

Transgression in the garden

Was covered there with skin.

You made provision even there

A sacrifice for sin.

You asked the earthly father

To give as You would give.

Having faith in Your provision

Of the Lamb so all could live.

Patricia S. Warren



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