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My Testimony (2020)

I was just finding my way back to God when my friend, Chinomnso invited me to join her prayer group for a 10-day fasting and prayer program. The invitation was perfect timing —I needed my prayer life back, and I also needed to stir up my faith.

God had always ministered to me through dreams, but somehow in my journey through life, I lost it. While I joined the Pentecost program, I began to dream again. The first was an Angelic visitation which I shared and received similar interpretations. After the Pentecost program ended, there was an unusual hunger to draw closer to God. After praying about it, I fasted for 7 days.

The first day of my fast was all about thanksgiving. I began to sing, dance, and worship Him for everything He had done for me, seen and unseen, known and unknown. I thanked Him most especially for my salvation —at this point, I began to personalize the whole experience. With my eyes closed in intense worship, I started to picture all that He went through for me. That day, the salvation story had a fresh meaning. It was deeper than I thought. "He did it for me." I said. He paid a debt that wasn't His to pay. He went through with it because He loves me. In intense worship and awe of His steadfast love, I said, "If I could see You, Lord, I'll kiss Your feet and hands."

I continued in my fast and I was enjoying it. Then one night, I had an encounter that blew my mind. I had a dream:

I found myself in the operating room. I was dressed in a blue hospital robe and my hair was covered with a soft blue net-like headcover. They opened me up. It seemed like a familiar environment. It reminded me of the time I had the ectopic pregnancy removed. I had dressed the same way then. I looked the same way too. At first, I thought I was giving birth through cesarean section (CS), then I wasn't sure anymore.

I couldn't understand what was going on, but I knew they were carrying out a medical procedure. When they finished with what they had to do, they sedated me —I slept. While asleep, I saw my spirit leave my body. One minute I was looking over my body in the operating room, and the next minute, I appeared in another place. It was dark, but not too dark that I couldn't see my surroundings. I noticed that I was no longer dressed in the blue hospital robe and headcover —I was now wearing my white nightgown, the same one I wore before going to bed in the real world. I watched myself look around, trying to figure out where I was. Then He came. He was right behind me.

"Jessica!" He called me.

When I heard my name, there was a knowing. Immediately, I recognized His voice without giving it much thought —I didn't have to try too hard to figure it out. I just knew, I knew it was Him. Jesus called me, He was standing behind me.

"Yes, Master!" I answered the call before I turned around.

After I answered, I turned. His glory was in form of light, the light was so bright that I didn't dare to look. I fell on my knees and bowed my head. He walked toward me and stopped right in front of me. All of a sudden, I was reminded of that prayer: "Lord, if I could see You, I'll kiss Your feet and hands." It felt as if the physical and spiritual were in sync. I looked at His feet, I could see the piercing. Without wasting time, I kissed them. He stretched His hand toward me and again there was a knowing — I took His hand. I saw the piercing on His hand and kissed it.

He asked me to look at Him. But His glory, His glory was just too great. I told Him I wasn't worthy to behold His glory. Strangely, I felt Him smile. Then He placed His hand on my shoulder, and I was engulfed in His unfathomable love. Shortly after, I saw the earth. I saw myself speaking to people about God with a level of boldness I never had.

I wake up in the real world, so excited about my experience. I give thanks to God.

Beloved, Jesus is real and He loves you so much—He is crazy about you. Open up your heart to receive and accept Him. It is the best decision you’ll ever make.

God bless you!

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