My Creator.

You are my Creator

Lord of my life.

You are my protector

By day and by night.

You are my Saviour

Redeemer of my fall

You are my guide

Designer of all.

You are my Creator

Love of my life.

You are my shelter

In plenty and in plight.

You are my Counsellor

In doubt and in faith

Love, lead and guide me

My trust in You plain.

You are my Creator

Lord of my life.

Be a light in my darkness

Father of lights.

Comfort and console me

When faith takes flight.

When courage is slight

In the depth of the night.

Hugh K Henderson <><


Christian Poets and Writers discuss ways to build up the church Body of Christ, inspire, strengthen faith, and improve writing in all genres. May God guide our prayers and words of forgiveness, love, and unity in Jesus' Name.

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