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I know that I am a sinner, who has been saved by His Loving grace. I am waiting for that glorious day, when I see my Saviors face. It may happen when I least expect it, and may catch me by surprise. However, as I am standing in heaven with Him, tears will be in my eyes. You see I am waiting patiently, for my Lord to call my name. To deliver me from this hurting world and this body steeped in shame. I was the one who caused my Lord to die; my sins are what nailed Him there. Not once did He point His finger in blame, or say it was not fair. He took the pain that belonged to me, and He bore my guilt and shame. Then in a special book that He had, my Savior wrote my name. Therefore, I owe my life to Him, at a cost that was so high. That if God demanded that we pay the price, then everyone would have to die. However, we do not have to worry; God said the gift was free, by sending Jesus to pay the penalty, for sinners like you and me. That is why I am filled with hope, and I know I will see His face. I will one-day stand before my Lord, in an awesome holy place. A place where tears will be no more and the pain will be in the past, that moment I have been waiting for, is approaching very fast. For the trump of God will sound from heaven, and I will be lifted high, no matter what anyone thinks of me, this man is going to cry.

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