Morning Inspiration

Our Part

Who is it that determines what part we are here to play

Who is it we must learn to trust with each advancing day

As closer we are coming to our Saviour's great return

Is there a lesson waiting here God's wanting us to learn

For often we are anxious for some great thing we might do

Some enemy we must defeat that life will bring us to

Some great immense achievement that the world in us might see

That God has one great plan for us for what we ought to be

But maybe that's not what God has in mind for us at all

Maybe we're just a simple stone to strengthen up His wall

Or maybe we might be His hands to set a prisoner free

From demons that have plagued their soul with past iniquity

Or maybe in our silence we give evidence of truth

That will not deny all the things we learned in early youth

About God's love and Sacrifice through Jesus Christ our King

Who lived a pauper among men to give us everything

That heaven has to offer those who walk where He will lead

Who will not doubt His purpose as He's made us each a seed

To grow as what He's made us in His garden great or small

Whatever just as long as we are true to give our all

For in God's eyes there is no difference in the souls He sees

As far as occupation when we wait upon our knees

As long as we give all for Him by giving of our best

Until He chooses when it's best to lay our soul to rest

Or should He choose to have us live until our Lord's return

As long as we are focused on what He would have us learn

To make us better in the field He's chosen we should be

Each day as we're instructed by His Spirit own our knees

So friend if you're discouraged that you've not fulfilled some dream

That when Christ comes some action that you've done He'll not esteem

Don't trust in your performance trust instead in Him Who leads

Each moment where He wants you so His Kingdom will succeed

In bringing soul to safety in the promise of the cross

Where all who come to know Christ as their Savour won't be lost

But will be thrilled with knowing they were all that they could be

Because they were the faithful ordained by Divinity

Ecclesiastes 9:5-10; 1 Corinthians 12:14-23


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