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Morning Inspiration

One Body

How many spirits are there that direct the church today

That motivate the body of believers when they pray

All think they are directed by the Spirit of the Lord

But how could that be true if His instructions are ignored

For many just assume the supernatural they find

Instilled within a people must possess the Father's mind

When truth be told there are so many spirits here today

And most cannot be trusted by the things they do and say

For though God gave His Spirit as our Saviour said He would

When after His great Sacrifice He left this world for good

There also is another that gives out his spirits too

To occupy the hearts of men and guide in what they do

That spirit of the evil one that enemy of God

Who fights against His righteousness against His Staff and Rod

That are His testimonies guiding us in how to live

And His Great Law of Standard that through Moses He did give

To fashion us His people to be like Him in the end

His people who on Christ alone have only to depend

Not on some false revivals that just entertain the soul

But on complete renewal that makes all who know Him whole

And guides them not away from what He's written down in stone

But places deep within their hearts that Law that is His own

That Law that makes them one in Him one body whole and free

Though many members still one Spirit that the world might see

That real Truth is a harmony of many who have found

That music from eternity is not a common sound

But is reflective of the beauty that instills the soul

Who truly has abandoned all that Christ might make them whole

And then reveal by living out what He has shown before

A love for other people that reflects Him all the more

That Love that is God's Spirit that instills them everyday

When by the Standard of His Word they worship Him and pray

That nothing will divide them 'til God's work on earth is done '

Til all the worlds and living things see in them Christ the Son

One people with one purpose one baptism in one truth

One body who forever will have one eternal youth

1 Corinthians 12:1-16; Romans 12:1-5; Luke 7:21

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