Morning Inspiration

The Question

All Israel stood before him on Mount Carmel that fine day

As all were there awaiting if the drought would go away

Three years plus six months from the time t'was said that it would be

Elijah gathered all the folks God's glory there to see

The prophets of rebellion came in number great and strong

Three hundred fifty of these men who led the people wrong

Against this one lone prophet that the Lord declared His own

Before the broken altar that had been the Lord's twelve stones

Said he who was the prophet of the Lord to all these men

Build ye here a great altar to your demon host of sin

And if your god be god have him to send his fire down

Consume a mighty bullock and declare this as his ground

But if he's not a god at all this Baal you worship here

Then our God will reveal Himself and you might run in fear

For all folks here in number of all Israel will know

It's you who's caused the famine in the way you had them go

To follow after lawlessness iniquity and sin

To lose the very light of God they once held deep within

And lose the joy of knowing they were chosen from the rest

To be God's chosen people who by grace might stand the test

Placed here upon humanity to show that men might be

Allegiant to Almighty God and live in victory

Against the wiles of Satan and the lies that he has told

That led astray God's people from the truths they loved of old

And sure enough they offered to their god they thought was real

From morning through the afternoon until the evening meal

With chants and screams and crying even cutting themselves too

Until they saw with no avail t'was nothing they could do

But then to their amazement as the Prophet of the Lord

Prepared Him there an altar from the stones they had ignored

And laid upon the wood thereon the bullock he prepared

Their souls began to tremble in the next thing that he shared

For then he told the people as he dug a trench around

To fill four barrels waiting as he soaked it to the ground

And with one simple prayer God rained His fire down for Him

And for the rest please read the text for what was done to them

1 Kings 18:20-46; Malachi 4:5


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