Morning Devotional


So many fear the future that the world is soon to end

When God will stand in Judgement to remove the curse of sin

And all who made profession will be brought before the Throne

To answer for their conduct and the truths that they had known

But fear's not motivation in the lives of the redeemed

The lives of those whom Christ will come in glory to esteem

For fear has not the power of a strong and stable mind

That Jesus is expecting in His people He will find

For those who truly love Him who are known to be His own

Who will be seen in glory to be with Him on His throne

Have not a fear of evil or the trials that will come

As they have faith that knows exactly where the grace comes from

That is to them their answer in the trials that they face

That trusts not human wisdom but the power of godly grace

That gives them strength each morning for the things that they must do

In answer to the challenges that God will bring them to

To prove wherein their hope abides in Whom their future lies

In him who is destroyed with sin or Him Who never dies

In him who brought the curse of sin or wipes our sins away

Revealed by how they choose to live until that Judgement Day

For though we cannot earn the promise we are looking for

We cannot by one righteous act please Him Whom we adore

That's done in hope of gaining that for which our heart desires

The price is far beyond what we assume that it requires

As heaven is a place that has no boundaries in space

A place where all who enter in can see their Maker's face

And feel the warmth of His embrace each time they come to Him

Who out of love without degree gave all He had for them

And heaven is a place where there's no motivation from

A selfish heart that only lives for pleasures yet to come

But is a place where all is love that thrives in seeking those

Who likewise found their greatest joy in serving Him they chose

That they in endless fellowship will talk of joy not fear

The joy they found in Jesus Christ when they were living here

Awaiting His soon coming sharing all they knew of Him

Who by His grace prepared that place where He could honor them

Deuteronomy 10:12-21; 2 Timothy 1:7; 1 John 4:16-21

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