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Mind Sleepers

The god of this world has blinded the eyes of a great many in our culture.

He's aided them in conjuring up realistic imagery in still and moving screen captures.

As they watch they experience a rapture taken from their couch into a fake life.

Desensitized and Fractured!

They remove themselves from reality till their cognition is hampered.

Asleep while awake, they elevate their god as great.

Unknowing of the state of the world and their own selves till it's too late!

But isn't that the point?

Isn't that why media's magic wand waves,

with the purpose of bringing everyone's mind as of late

to a point of cognitive dissonance!

Leaving their mind, an impassible path of thorns!

A state of constant strengthening overgrowth!

Consistent Degrade!

The mind is a great thing it affects our abilities and actions.

The god of this world knows this. So he pervades all forms of media creating in his children's minds, true bliss,

pushed in a way that binds wickedness into things they think are fine.

Unaware of the serpent's hiss, they fall in line!

He's helped men to reinvent what used to be carved physical images.

Ones they once set up to worship as images fixed.

Unmovable lifeless figurines reframed as vivid immersive imagery that sinks itself into the fabric of their thoughts and lives.

A lifeless carving has nowhere near as much power as the modern integration of the relaxing experience of life-like situations our psyche holds on to and imitates,

as it views stories capturing many emotional states.

Psychology the study of the soul: taken by godless men and threaded through their advertisements and shows.

Only a few minutes needed to get your thoughts engrossed.

Now they have them!

Its sickening to see!

So many lulled to sleep!

And while they dream with eyes awake, the world and time passes by without so much as a noticed tick!

Memory lives in tatters. Thinking as sober as the attitude of the Mad hatter! What does it matter?........

What was I talking about?.......Oh forget about it……...Where's the channel changer?.......CLICK!

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