May Those Who Know...

Updated: Sep 20

May those who know the name of God

put their trust in Him and not in fear. May those whose hope is in the Lord

call on Him, knowing He is always near.

May those who feel the weightiness of their sin

marvel at the grace and mercy of the Sovereign King the Creator of the universe in all His splendour

coming to His blood bought creation with loving fervour

May those who hear His words be purified

turning away from old to new to be glorified

May those who seek the face of the Lord, their hearts poised at the Saviour’s feet,

swell to His Spirit’s fullness as they approach the mercy seat

May those whose God is their Lord

revere their Maker in awestruck glare

embraced by the peace only He brings

to His blessed heirs May those whose lives are fragranced in worship of the Great I AM,

be filled with joy above what they can fathom

building in Him an eternal future that is incorruptible and immovable by this wavering norm May those who wait in the presence of the Lord

be satisfied as they drink from the wells of His salvation May those who know the Lord their God

do exploits in His name across the nations.

Afua Richardson-Parry (18/09/20)

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