❤️LOVE in FEBRUARY prepares us to....CLIMB

❤️LOVE in FEBRUARY prepares us to....CLIMB

Delight in the height, but be sound on the ground Miracles happen when we turn around And look in the face of our Savior and Lord The face that so many have never explored.

Delight in the height, but be ready to grow It's down in the valley the dusty winds blow Covering, smothering, clouding the air Making it hard to see what's really there.

Delight in the height, but beware of the streams With underground currents like most of our dreams That pass through the night without warning or care Leaving us restless, in need of a prayer.

Delight in the height, the view is sublime Not to forget what it took you to climb The trail leading up to that Glorious sight His face, dusty wind, and a prayer in the night.

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