The lighthouse stands up the hill,

so stately in its place,

sending out its Beacon,

the one placed there by grace.

"Warning . . . Warning" says the light,

the water is not deep

and there are rocks beneath the waves,

which will cause your ships to sleep.

No other navigation,

not the stars up in the sky,

nor compass pointing North,

can lead you safely by,

but someone else has been here,

and charted out the path.

The Lighthouse shines to save you,

from nature's furious wrath.

You must choose to see it,

the light upon the hill,

for surely there's a devil,

and your Spirit life he'd steal,

but if you choose the darkness,

perhaps this one last time,

the Angels have to fold their hands,

as Satan says, "You're mine! "

When you see the Lighthouse,

shining bright it's beacon still,

know this, you have another chance

to make a choice that's real.

Not playing "Goody two shoes,"

taking space in your church seat,

touched by Heaven's Lighthouse,

sent to touch all that you meet!

For when your lighthouse, lights,

your Spirit starts to shine,

to lead others to the Savior so

they can make their choice in time.

Then a brand new Lighthouse,

lit and placed to save,

other lost souls floating by,

from their own watery grave!

There is a song of long ago,

entitled, "PASS IT ON",

each Lighthouse beacons God's own love,

to lead the lost to dawn.

when you see a Lighthouse,

lift high your eyes . . . rejoice,

God has given to another,

a chance to make the choice!

Peggy Jeanine Woody

12/4/1996. ©

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